7501 – Ultramarathons, donuts sticks, the best Gatorade flavor, and World Vision with Scott Olthoff

The Guest

Scott Olthoff is a Champaign husband, father, Wealth Strategist, World Vision sponsor, and ultramarathon runner. What defines an ultra? It’s any distance over 26.2 miles, which is the length of a regular marathon. Scott shares what it takes to fuel up before and during an ultra, what gear he relies on, and how he makes time for training.

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Running Through Cemeteries

Speaking of running, is running through a cemetery disrespectful? As long as you’re on your best behavior and just passing through, I don’t see why it’s problem. But not everyone agrees.

Dennis Quaid!

My wife has a thing for Dennis Quaid. Good or bad, if he’s in the movie she’ll watch it. Which means on May 27 she’ll be take control of the remote to press ‘play’ on Blue Miracle. Here’s the plot description from Netflix: “To save their cash-strapped orphanage, a guardian and his kids partner with a washed-up boat captain for a chance to win a lucrative fishing competition.”

NOT Running Across America

Two New Jersey brothers are raising the bar with a fundraising walk across the country — all the way to the Redwood Forest outside of San Francisco. Aiden (28) and Louis (27) Ardine, of Middletown, New Jersey, saw how hard the COVID-driven lockdowns and slow reopening hurt their colleagues in the bar and restaurant industry over the past year and came up with a plan to give something back. They’re calling their adventure “Walking America.”

The brothers, who are avid distance runners with a fondness for hiking and camping, mapped out a 3,147-mile route that will take them through 11 states on their way across the country. They have friends and family along the way, but they told their hometown paper that they will also rely on strangers they meet on their journey. They estimate they will go about 20 miles per day, which would make the trip about five months long.

The idea began as an offhand joke during a trip to Vermont with friends, when Aiden said he would rather hike than keep looking for scarce jobs in restaurants operating under limited capacity restrictions. He spoke with his brother, and they came up with the plan to raise money for the nonprofit Restaurant Workers’ Community Foundation. Their goal is $30,000, or about $10 per mile, the cost of an average lunch.

They prepared for the trip by speaking with others who’ve done long distance hikes. Most of the trip will be on what Aiden called “backcountry highways,” so that they’re rarely further than 50 miles away from a town.

For a current location, visit their website.

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