Thank you for agreeing to join me on the podcast.

So what’s next?

Before recording day you will receive an email with two links: one for SquadCast and one for Zoom. SquadCast is preferred for better audio. Zoom will be our backup.

When it’s time to talk…

At the time of our interview open the Chrome web browser and paste the link you were emailed. If your default browser is Chrome just click the link in the email.

Click and give permission to SquadCast to use your camera and microphone.

Be sure your mic or earbuds are plugged in and click ‘Got It’.

You’re now in the Green Room where you can double-check that your mic is set to your earbuds/headset mic and that your speakers are set to your earbuds/headset mic.

Click ‘Join Session’.

Finally, in the event of technical difficulties I will text to ask you to click the Zoom link in your email.